41 - António Guedes Magalhães

Nome: António José Branco Guedes de Magalhães
Nickname: Amarante - Bisnaga
Nº Foto Curso: 42
Data Nascimento: 1953
Residência: Amarante
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Brevet: 1727

(1953 - 1999.12.11)
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Date: 12 December 1999
Airline: SATA Air Azores
Flight No.: 530
Aircraft: British Aerospace ATP
Location: Sao Jorge, Azores
Fatalities: 35:35
35 killed in Azores plane crash.
Associated Press
Web posted: 11 Dec 1999, 11:08am EST

A passenger plane carrying 35 people crashed Saturday during a local flight in the mid-Atlantic Azores Islands. There was no word on survivors. Rescue teams were on their way, officials said.

The Portuguese military located the wreckage of the SATA plane, which was reported missing between Faial Island and Sao Miguel Island 30 minutes after it took off from Sao Miguel's Ponta Delgada, bound for Faial, according to Portuguese state-run RTP television.Witnesses said they saw the Azorean airline aircraft go down on the island of Sao Jorge, reported Portugal's TSF radio."The impact was seen by various local residents," said Jose Joaquim, head of the Azores Islands' civil protection agency. "At this moment, we still have not reached the site."The remote chain of islands is located 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) from mainland Portugal.

There were 31 passengers and four crew members on board the British-built, twin-engine plane, which lost contact with air traffic controllers 10 minutes before it was to land, news reports said.The Ponta Delgada control tower never received an emergency call from the plane. The cause of the crash was not immediately known, and there were conflicting reports about the weather in the area.

The aircraft had been in service between the islands for 15 years, reported the Portuguese news agency Lusa.

O Voo ATP SP530M da companhia aérea portuguesa SATA Air Açores, no percurso entre Ponta Delgada e as Flores, com escala na Horta, a 11 de Dezembro de 1999, às 9h 20min, colidiu com o Pico da Esperança, Ilha de São Jorge, vitimando todos os passageiros e tripulação, num total de 35 pessoas. A aeronave era um BAe ATP da British Aerospace, o ATP "Graciosa".
Grande Reportagem de Herberto Gomes.


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